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Adventures Of New Earth, Part 1

Posted by headphenomenon - July 8th, 2011

(Opening:) Make sure to read KASE while you're at it? Schedule for this month's, next month's, and September's stories here.

Part 1
It was a bleak afternoon. The skies were dark, the ground was crumbling before us, and thousands of people, salubrious or malnourished, were dying by the minute of unnatural causes. News channels all across the Big Blue, or "Earth," as it used to be called, were reporting rapidly growing gang populations, even in eutopian cities, like Manera, Caldwell, a city as large as old Florida combined with California, before California broke off of land, became its own country, and quickly sunk well into the oceans many centuries ago.

To blame, news reporters said it was the presidents and rulers of all sorts in every nation. But nothing like this has happened before, and there was no way EVERY ruler on the planet had somehow caused a breakout of evil that brewed and stirred across every known location. The Big Blue had never been in such chaos as it was that day, and some believed it was the work of a deity who lived beyond the universe, known as "God," who was punishing us for living past a doomsday said to have occurred 390 years ago. I took it upon myself to read up on the topic of God (and the 2012 Doomsday), as he apparently played a big role in most old religions. Religion hasn't been something that's existed recently, as it was abolished several hundred years ago to pave the way for a better world, one where everyone could live in peace.

Some historians weren't too happy at religion becoming extinct, in a way, as it caused several wars in the War Generations, the centuries that took place from the year 1000-1999 -- aka, Centuries 9th-20th. It was an amazement to the historians, but not too long after, scientists showed the world how much of a better place it had been without religion. It made room for new scientific discoveries, as no longer would they have to fight with people over what they thought was a ridiculous subject of an all-powerful being that created us and everything natural around us.

Days passed, and the world as we knew it was falling. Our world, that had been connected as a supercontinent since the early 2200s similarly to the beginning of time's Big Blue, was being brought to ruins. The world's best scientists were now being called upon by the NFBI, the New Federal Bureau of Investigation, to investigate what had been causing an outbreak of violence worldwide.

Weeks passed. New Zealand, a country of our supercontinent, was broken off from the Big Blue, and was quickly dropped unfathomably deep underwater. A public announcement was made that the Supercontinent's biggest and smallest countries' presidents were dropping out of presidency. A World President was to be elected, one of high standards, but also easily known not to go mad with power. Going into the runnings were previous US Vice President Trey Fawsweld, daughter of previous Iranian president Yasmin Farhadi, New Zealand-born Aidan Bray, Chinese Lawyer Shen Lo, Portuguese Lawyer Adriana Sal, and Vietnamese WWIII Veteran's Great Granddaughter Kim Ky.

The election day followed the public announcement's, and made for a very difficult choice to make. Yes, my family since the 1900s has lived in the United States and supported them, and knew that if they were to ever be an election like this, it would be the United States' representative no questions asked, but as I scrolled through the holographic statements from the reps, I saw really promising things from the female runners Yasmin Farhadi and Kim Ky. Trey Fawsweld acted more like a vice president in his promises in presidency, and less like how a president would. He was meant to be a number 2, not a number 1, that's why he ran with previous president, James Johnson, Jr.

It was going to be a hard choice, but it would all be worth it the following Tuesday, when the first ever World President was to be elected and sworn in to protect the Big Blue and make it an overall better place.

(Closing:) Wow. I can't believe I wrote that.