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KASE, Part 9 "Jennifer's Secret"

Posted by headphenomenon - July 8th, 2011

Haven't read previous parts? Check out the KASE Archives (previously KASE: When are the next parts coming?).
15 minutes of silence passed for Jonathan and Megan, only to be abruptly stopped by Head-Cheerleader Jennifer Delamaine running down the hall in the two's direction, having on a lab coat with a large stack of paperwork. She stopped when she'd reached the two, looked down at Megan, and spoke. "I have the papers, Megan. They're all on this D-Chip," she said, taking out of her pocket a glowing, blue square chip.

"Thanks, Jen," Megan said courteously. "So, all the plans, right here?" Jonathan began thinking at that point, not only about why one of the cheerleaders was talking with Megan Ians, an, albeit friendly to others, teacher's pet who normally hung out only with her fellow teacher's pet, Jonathan Welsh, but why the two were conversing over a plan. He was forced to throw out his big, interrupting question.

"Are you two friends, Megan?" Jonathan asked, creating a double sigh from Megan and Jennifer, then a moment of silence.

"Of course, Jonathan," Megan responded, now looking towards Jennifer again. Jennifer shook her head for some reason, followed by Megan shrugging. Megan then whispered "Please" to the tall, bent-over Jennifer. Jennifer stood up straight, and began thinking as denoted by her chin-rubbing. After a moment, she looked down at Megan, laughed, and nodded.

Megan then squealed happily, and said "Jennifer...is a nerd, just as we are," to which Jonathan responded with a gasp.

"Yeah..." Jennifer added dolefully. "I'm at the top spot with you guys in History II with Mr. Snores, and Algebra II with Mrs. Welgner. Because of me being a cheerleader, the teachers know how much it would hurt my popularity level to be known as a nerd like you two. It's only so obvious I would've ended up like you two, sad and the only nerds at this school; however, with good, true friends at my side." She said, smiling.

"Jen, you can still be with us, still have good friends. I'm a true friend, right?" She said, looking at Jennifer. "Right?" she asked again, this time facing Jonathan.

"Of course, Megan. You're one of my two only friends. If you weren't my friend, why would I hang out with you so much more than I do Hank?"

"Because you like me, and because Hank doesn't have as many Smack Em games, or a working XT9 with 4D Visual Interface," Megan said. She laughed at her own statement, and Jennifer and Jonathan joined in as-well. A moment of playful laughter later, Megan looked back to Jennifer. "So can I get the chip? I'll tell Jonathan as much as I can about it."

"Sure, but don't tell anyone I gave it to you. I'm only a part of this to get out of Mrs. Welgner's test. There was a big party last night, and I didn't have anytime to study then, or Saturday because I, uh...sort of...had a date," she said, flipping around nervously.

"A date, you say, 'Jen'? Was it with Hank?" Jonathan asked.

"No, no," she lied, quickly strolling away, throwing a plan-containing D-Chip to Megan as she left.

"So what's this plan for? Please say it's for getting out of school today. I need to get out of Welgner's test, too. I'm not really in the mood for acing a test on a bad day like today," Jonathan said, curious to know what plan was on the D-Chip, despite how obvious it may have seemed.

Right about to speak, footsteps were heard coming from inside the Principal's office that sounded like Mr. Bredalal approaching the door. Megan swiftly grabbed out of her phone from her purple bag that matched her short-sleeve turtleneck, shoved the D-Chip in its proprietary port, and put it back in her bag. She crossed her arms, looked down at her lap, and began acting sad. After Jonathan noticed the act, he quickly mimicked.


Jennifer Delamaine, a know-it-all nerd like Jonathan and Megan? AND, possibly going out with another nerd (Hank)? Whoa! Looks like we may be seeing more of her in parts-to-come. For now, let's take a sneak at this month's releases for KASE.

First off, I'd like to say that KASE parts will now have names, as if acting like chapters in a story (like they were meant to be in the first place). I hope that over the next few Fridays, I can get out new parts for KASE, including the coming-next Part 10 (Double-digits, whoo!) These parts are slowly easing back to the main storyline that branched into life from Parts 1-6, and will hopefully be back by part 13 (no earlier). You will also see that this new plot has to do with something that happened in Part 1 upon opening up the story.

Second off, we're, in coming parts, going to follow Kase on journeys after school on the currently-being-told day, preceding the events of Part 1. We'll hopefully be seeing Rosh very soon outside of his original appearance in Part 1 (as in, before the events of Part 1).

Third, I'd like to mention that the parts up to the point where we return to the main plot all take place on the same day as the first part of the story, just from the morning.

Fourth, the schedule for July's Stories, featuring KASE titles with parodies :D

July 8th: KASE, Part 9 "Jennifer's Secret" (Title Parody: "Victoria's Secret")
July 15th: KASE, Part 10 "(TBA)"
July 22nd: KASE, Part 11 "(TBA)"
July 29th: KASE, Part 12 "(TBA)"
July 30th: KASE, Part 13 "(TBA)"
Bell the Warrior
July 9th: Bell the Warrior, Part 1
July 17th: Bell the Warrior, Part 2
July 23rd: Bell the Warrior, Part 3
Adventures Of New Earth
(Adventures Of New Earth, Every Friday Night)
July 8th: Adventures Of..., Part 1
July 15th: Adventures Of...., Part 2
July 22nd: Adventures Of...., Part 3
July 30th: Adventures Of..., Part 4

So, as you can see I'm going to be introducing a brand new KASE-related story, taking place in the same future and the same universe, called Bell the Warrior. It follows Bell Easia, a man turned into a warrior on another far-off planet where he duels aliens to keep his life, and the Earth's survival. This story takes place a little after KASE's story ends, and hopefully, I won't have to spoil any of the events of the original KASE story due to the fact that it takes on another planet.

As you can also see, there is another story, titled Adventures Of New Earth, a new story with an all new set of characters like never before. This time, taking place in the far-off future of 2402, on a distorted newly formed planet Earth, where a new form of humans exists, evolved from Old Humans (aka, us). Expect to see its first reveal 2Nite.

Finally, I'd like to mention that KASE will not have any new parts for the first two weeks of August, and instead have new Adventures Of New Earth, and Bell the Warrior. Weeks on from there will feature Bell the Warrior and KASE, and September will bring Adventures Of New Earth to Wednesdays, KASE to Thursdays, and Bell the Warrior to Fridays. This schedule is in effect.