You could be a part of I'm a Linux 2...

2009-05-18 17:09:23 by headphenomenon

Hey guys, did you know that you could be a part of I'm a Linux 2: Rise of Mac (I'm a Linux 2/I'm a Linux: Rise of Mac or just Rise of Mac).

Just PM me or post on this BBS topic. At the moment, 1 voice is up for grabs and that's Danny Colts. Try out now.

Nakoruru as Barbara Genesis
AronKong as Yak Coltar

KlyeXO as Danny Colts
Slim-Bean as Danny Colts
And don't worry, just because the first one sucked, doesn't mean that the second one will. Already the movie is looking great. I plan to release this then a special short called I'm a Linux 1.5 to reveal some of the things missing from I'm a Linux 2 (if there are any when it's finished).

Anyway, you should also check my soon-to-be next sig, it'll have a sign-up button on the image.


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